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My boys

I don’t know how you usually build your characters. If you think about some guys you know and then you give their features to your characters, or if you see them in your mind and then you look for someone that look like them.

In my case, this time, it’s been 50-50.

I had clearly in my mind who Jesse was, because I really like Rob James-Collier and I love his blue eyes and red lips (seriously… red.) Plus, his black hair were the perfect match for Jesse.

So, let me introduce Jesse Starr. Handsome, right?

For Andy, it’s a different story. I had a blurred face in my mind but I could see him even though it wasn’t a real face.

Yesterday I was surfing on the net and I casually saw this picture and I was… OMG! it’s HIM. Really, this guy (then I discovered that he is an actor) is MY Andy!

Sweet and cute ❤


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